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We organize

2 International Conferences

To impart knowledge and enlighten our community, we often organize informative conferences.

10 Meetups

We also want to learn from our members, and interactive meetups help us improve.

4 Online Talks

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we switched to the online platform and conducted 4 online talks. The results are very promising and we are planning to have more sessions.

Previously on UXEVN


We collaborated with many amazing speakers throughout our journey, and we are very proud to showcase them here.

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Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine
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Alberta Soranzo

Lloyds Banking Group
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Nick Babich

UX Planet
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Alexander Artsvuni

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Arev Hakobyan

Design Sprint facilitator
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Chris Tucker

Log Meln

Numbers Speak


In a fast-developing world, we strive to provide the ultimate UX community experience
to engage more enthusiastic designers and enlarge our community.

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Armenia is the Silicon Valley of the Caucasus. Tech is the most significant foreign investment here. Many of the world's most influential technology firms, including Intel, Microsoft, Synopsys, ServiceTitan, Workfront, have their branches in Armenia. Moreover, the Armenian IT market is actively growing. Startups with Armenian roots, such as PicsArt, Krisp, SuperAnnotate, Expper, are gaining fame and use in all spheres across the globe. Armenia, a land of new opportunities and the next big IT nation.